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Entrepreneurship Training
Our training programmes are designed as the first step towards developing a sustainable business. The programmes are offered as short courses, as skills programmes (in the form of a cluster of accredited unit standards), or as full qualifications. The objective is to develop the learners' business skills and competence.

We are accredited with the Services Seta to offer two qualifications:
NQF Level
National Certificate: New Venture Creation Learnership (SMME)
National Certificate: Business Administration Services Learnership

Practical New Venture Creation Learnership, Business Administration Learnership and BEE Skills Development
Our training programmes are designed as the first step towards developing a sustainable business.
Practical New Venture Creation Learnership, Business Administration Learnership and BEE Skills Development

New Venture Creation Learnership (NVC)
A learnership is a training programme that combines theoretical learning with structured practical experience. NVC learnership is a 12 month, national qualification that is designed for learners who want to start new businesses. Learner assessment and evaluation is done in the context of the entrepreneurs own business opportunity.

The qualification aims to:
• Create solutions for job creation and SMME development
• Address the administrative and behavioural barriers that contribute to the high failure
   rate in starting and sustaining a business
• Develop appropriate skills and knowledge for the establishment and development of a

During the programme each learner receives one-on-one coaching from experienced ESS mentors. The mentoring interventions are tailored to address specific weaknesses in each business.

Business Administration Services Learnership
The Business Administration learnership is a yearlong programme that offers learners an opportunity to gain workplace practical experience while working towards obtaining their qualification, National Certificate in Business Administration Services: NQF Level 3.

It is applicable to employed and unemployed learners. Administration is an essential field of learning as the competencies required by people doing administrative tasks are generic in nature and apply to all businesses Learners attend institutional training for two consecutive days fortnightly and spend the rest of the time in the workplace under the guidance of trained workplace mentors and within a structured mentoring programme.

Tax Incentives for Funding Learnerships
Government, through SARS provide a learnership tax incentive (S12H) of R60 000 (R100 000 for people with disabilities), made up of two allowances - a commencement allowance and a completion allowance of R30 000 each (R50 000 for people with disabilities).

BBBEE Points - Skills Development Pillar
Under the DTI's Generic Scorecard, for companies with turnover greater than R35 million, 15 BEE points are allocated to skills development with two measurements:

1. Spend on skills development    
Target 3% of payroll spent on the training of black
   people with an emphasis on black women
   (adjusted recognition for gender applies)
  6 points
• Target 0.3% of payroll spent on black disabled people   3 points
2. Learnerships    
Target 5% of staff (headcount) should be black people
   on learnerships, an emphasis on black women
  6 points

Learnerships can amount to 12 BEE points. The advantage with learnerships is that the salaries (stipends) paid to the learners whilst they are engaged on the learnership are also considered skills development spend, together with the cost of the learnership. This makes a sizeable impact on the skills development spend target of 3% of payroll. Adding black disabled learners can attract a further 3 points.

Companies with turnover under R35 million can earn 25 BEE points for skills development. The target spend is 2% of payroll on training black employees.

To qualify, the spending must be done in the financial period that is being measured for BEE points. Learners are regarded as "employees" for the period of the learnership. They sign one-year fixed term contracts that place no further obligations on the funder.

Benefits to Business:
The funding of New Venture Creation learners is a rewarding exercise for business in that:
• The business becomes part of the solution to the unemployment
   and skills crisis
• The business scores BEE points via a highly tax effective spend
   on training
• There is no disruption to normal business operations
• There is minimal administration and internal HR cost as the
   training function is outsourced