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Business Development Services
ESS is able to assist the entrepreneur from the early stages of business selection through to business growth and expansion. Our approach to business development can be summarised in the following stages of the business lifecycle:

1. Business Establishment

  • Match the entrepreneur with an appropriate business opportunity
  • Conduct market research
  • Business feasibility study
  • Develop a business plan
  • Business registration
  • Submit the business plan for financing and assist in raising of finance
  • Develop a professional business image (Logo, Letterheads, Business card and brochures)
  • Implementation of Business Administration systems (including financial systems)
2. Business Development

We have developed a comprehensive Situation Analysis that identifies possible missing or weak components required for a successful business. We assist in the development of appropriate business strategies and interventions to resolve the identified weaknesses. Examples of potential gaps are:

  • Poor financial controls
  • Ineffective marketing and sales strategies
  • Human resource problems
  • Production and operational problems

3. Entrepreneurship Training

We have established a Private Further Education and Training College (FET) that focuses on Entrepreneurship Development ... read more

ESS Enterprise Development
ESS is able to assist the entrepreneur
from the early stages of business selection through to business growth and expansion.
ESS Enterprise Development
Support Services
ESS provides a comprehensive range of essential support services to business owners:

1. Accounting and Financial Services
We provide the business owner with financial information and advice in order to make informed business decisions. Our accounting products are relevant to the businesses requirements and may be in the form of a once-off bookkeeping “clean-up” exercise or a full financial management pack.

2. Tender Search and Notification
Opportunity identification requires that tenders and business opportunities are identified early and then directed to the relevant entrepreneurs. This is done by industry sector using our SMME Database.

3. Business Registrations
We assist in identifying the appropriate legal structure (Private Company, Co-operative, Sole Proprietor or Partnership), and then assist with registering the entity.

4. Database Registrations
We keep a database of large corporates and their supplier registration requirements. We assist entrepreneurs complete the application forms.

5. Linkages with Development Agencies
We collaborate with other development agencies and we continually are exploring new strategic relationships. ESS is an accredited service provider to public and private development agencies.

6. Access to finance
If finance is required we assist the entrepreneur with finding an appropriate financial institution and advise on how to apply for the finance.

ESS, together with Imbewu Capital Partners, has established an Enterprise Development Fund known as Siza Enterprise Development Fund, which assists small businesses with funding. We work closely with other financial institutions, development banks and micro finance organisations to facilitate access to funding for our clients.